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Magniflex Non Toxic Memory Foam


Magniflex mattresses and pillows are made in Italy, and are Oeko Tex 100 certified to be free of harmful toxins.  This is the cleanest and finest quality memory foam available.  Not even Essentia has this certification on their memory foam. 

Although these products are not considered "organic" they are safe to sleep on, and provide a unique feel that you cannot obtain from all natural and organic materials. 

Magniflex has been producing mattresses in Italy for more than 50 years. 100% of the materials used to make Magniflex products are sourced from Italy. Magniflex has also received the OEKO-TEX® certification, which guarantees that each component of the end product is free of toxic substances or any substance that is harmful to humans or the environment.

Magniflex was the first company to vacuum pack their mattresses before shipping. Vacuum packaging ensures that mattresses are kept perfectly clean for the entire journey to the end user’s home. The volume of each mattress is reduced by 90%. This means fewer trucks on the roads and lower Co2emissions.


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