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We moved to Northbrook in 2013! 

All Natural Organic Mattresses



Not only are these organic mattresses free from harmful chemicals, but they offer unbeatable comfort, support and durability! Natural latex conforms to the unique shape of your body to give pressure free support. This will allow for a more restful night’s sleep with less tossing and turning. Without any springs in these all natural mattresses, there is virtually no motion caused by your partner when they move. The organic cotton cover is quilted with Pure Organic Wool which offers a natural, chemical free, breathable sleeping surface. The wool also acts as a natural fire barrier, eliminating the need for toxic flame retardants.  These materials all combine to create a dry, clean environment which will reduce exposure to molds and mildew and those nasty dust mites!

Here at North Shore Bedding, we offer a wide variety of All Natural Latex Mattresses. We offer organic mattresses consisting of either all Natural Dunlop Latex Rubber or a combination of Dunlop and Natural Talalay Latex Rubber. We believe that using Dunlop for the lower support topped with Talalay for comfort is the ideal combination for an organic mattress. If you prefer a firmer latex mattress, using all Dunlop might be the best choice for you. We highly recommend coming into our Northbrook, Illinois showroom to try all the various combinations of organic mattresses. We have the largest selection of All Natural Organic Latex Beds in the Chicago area. We offer free delivery and set up throughout Chicagoland. We will even take away your old mattress!

Many "Organic" Mattresses you find elsewhere are not using all natural materials. They may use an organic cotton cover, or some other natural components, but still may have chemical based materials within. Always look at the law label if you have any doubts whether or not it is a true organic mattress! It is always at the head of the mattress and is required by law to be there. It will give a complete list of materials in the mattress.

Our array of Organic Mattresses are carefully selected from reputable manufacturers with proven track records. The contain only Natural Latex Rubber, Organic Cotton and Wool.   We show natural latex mattresses made by Savvy Rest, Sleeptek and Naturepedic.  We also offer the Naturepedic EOS system, which offers a combination of coils and natural latex.


Not sure how to buy a latex mattress?  We are here to help!


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