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Dapwood Secret Cove Solid Hardwood Platform Bed

By Dapwood

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Dapwood creations are more than furniture. Our products celebrate the beauty of nature by re-introducing old-fashioned American craftsmanship for 21st century living.  Dapwood’s fine furniture begins with American-grown hardwoods, gathered from sustainably managed FSC Certified forests. We are constantly re-thinking and refining our products and processes to preserve America’s renewable forests for future generations. In fact, Dapwood generates no landfill waste. All scraps, shavings and sawdust are donated to community workshops and gardening projects.

Our furniture is smartly designed for ease of shipping, assembly and disassembly while only using natural, safe ingredients. We stand behind our products with an unconditional warranty against defects and pride ourselves on personal customer service.  Each piece is handcrafted in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA to showcase nature’s beauty for decades of enjoyment and lasting value.

Dapwood products are finished with a hand-rubbed linseed oil finish. Our linseed oil is entirely pure and has absolutely no VOCs and no heavy-metal driers. It is completely non-toxic and is safe for food contact if, for some reason, you wanted to prepare food on your Dapwood product.

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