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Natura Eco Revive Organic Mattress

Natura Eco Revive Organic Mattress

By Natura

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The EcoRevive mattress nurtures you with the pure, natural goodness of certified organic components. Layers of all-natural Talalay latex eliminate the growth of allergens and bacteria. This plush latex unit lies on top of our all-natural dunlop latex core which is made of USDA certified organic latex to keep your bed chemical and toxin free, while it provides targeted support to your body. The plush serving of cozy, certified 100% organic Natura Grow™ wool wicks away moisture to keep bedding dry and temperature regulated while gently buffers pressure points. Finished with scrumptious certified 100% organic cotton stretch-knit ticking.

Certified 100% organic cotton stretch-knit ticking
  • Eliminates exposure to chemical and off-gassing
  • Furnishes sumptuous comfort that’s natural, breathable and healthy

4.2 lbs Certified 100% organic Natura Grow Wool™
  • Reduces temperature fluctuation between partners
  • Improves circulation by buffering pressure-points
  • Eliminates exposure to chemical and off-gassing
1” All-natural Convoluted Talalay latex - soft
  • Quilted into the top layer for added comformability
1” All-natural Talalay latex - soft
  • Adds cushioning comfort and overall support

2” All-natural Talalay latex - medium
  • Absorbs motion transfer so couples can sleep together undisturbed
  • Reduces exposure to dust-mites and other allergens

6" All-natural Dunlop latex
  •  Provides cushioning support across the entire sleep surface

Mattress Height: 10 ½”
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