Pure Talalay Bliss 3" Latex Topper by Pure Talalay Bliss | North Shore Bedding
Pure Talalay Bliss 3

Pure Talalay Bliss 3" Latex Topper

By Pure Talalay Bliss

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Add another layer of luxury to your bed with a Pure Talalay Bliss Custom Fit 3″ removable topper.  As your needs change over the years, a Talalaly Latex topper is an easy and economical solution to revitalize your bed. If you don’t have a Pure Talalay Bliss mattress yet, you can still experience the luxurious feel and uplifting qualities of Talalay before investing in a mattress. Toppers are great for guest rooms, children’s rooms, vacation homes, and even yachts.

Our toppers are made entirely of Talalay Latex Rubber and guaranteed for 15 years. With our toppers you can have the pressure relief and comfort of a pillow top without the fear of it breaking down over time.

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