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Savvy Rest Tranquility Organic Mattress

By Savvy Rest

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The Tranquility is a 7" deep solid All Natural Dunlop rubber Mattress.  The firmness of the 2 layers of 3" Latex can be customized to your taste.  This is a great choice for kids or lighter weight adults.  Matching Wood Slat Foundation also available.

Savvy Rest mission: To manufacture the finest nontoxic, comfortable, and durable alternative to conventional mattresses. Our mattress: Savvy Rest Organic.

  • Purity. Our materials are natural, nontoxic, certified and independently tested.
  • Comfort. Every Savvy Rest organic mattress is customized for the individual.
  • Integrity. We treat customers with honesty and respect.
  • Value. A Savvy Rest will long outlast a conventional mattress.

You’ll sleep in comfort on a Savvy Rest organic mattress. And without worrying about breathing in whatever your mattress is breathing out. A Savvy Rest mattress will not expose you to off-gassing chemicals or pesticide residues.

Flame retardants, formaldehyde, TDI (toluene di-isocyanate), styrene, butadiene, and other petroleum derivatives are used widely in the mattress industry today, and their long-term effects are worrisome. Scientists have particular concerns about their effect on the developing brains of children.

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