Sleeptek Kama Flex Lift 11" Organic Latex Mattress by Sleeptek | North Shore Bedding
We moved to Northbrook in 2013! 

Sleeptek Kama Flex Lift 11" Organic Latex Mattress

By Sleeptek

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Sleeptek’s newest addition, the Euro 4.0, is 10” thick and is the ultimate custom comfort mattress. We have separated this mattress into 3 layers; a bottom 4” support system, a 4” center comfort system and is topped with Sleeptek’s traditional ultra soft 2” Dunlop natural rubber.

The bottom layer can be ordered in medium or firm, then you choose the middle layer, which can be soft, medium or firm and the top layer is always soft.This allows you to create your own custom comfort mattress, from ultra soft to firm support. Because of the layering system, you can also switch layers from side to side or order additional comfort levels in years to come.

Finally, the top 2” layer is soft natural rubber to remove any pressure points. A simple mattress offering excellent custom comfort, and this mattress offer the possibility to change comfort levels in years to come.

Configurations, from the top layer down:


Extra Firm: 2" Soft, 4" Firm, 4" Firm

Firm: 2" soft, 4" Medium, 4" Firm

Plush: 2" Soft, 4" Medium, 4" Medium

Ultra Plush: 2" Soft, 4" Soft, 4" Medium

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